Have you been diagnosed with cancer?
Are you searching for a treatment option?

Sono Photodynamic Therapy
“Yes, there is more than one way to treat cancer”

We understand you are searching for a better way toward the potential of your full recovery.

Throughout these pages you will learn about Sono Photodynamic Therapy (SPDT) cancer treatment and how SPDT works to kill cancer cells in a non-toxic, non-invasive, yet powerfully effective manner. You will also discover additional therapies uniquely designed to enhance the efficacy of SPDT and that you may undergo as an outpatient at ICAM.

iCAMWhen you contact ICAM you can be assured of the very best care from our patient coordinators, doctors and personnel.

We are here to support, advise and work together with you to ensure you have a thorough understanding of how this unique body-friendly, yet powerfully effective treatment benefits your overall long-term health. Your treatment plan can usually be arranged within a few days of your initial call & medical assessment. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in making your travel and treatment arrangements flow with ease.


So, how does SPDT work to kill cancer cells? Watch the video to find out.

Currently, ICAM is specializing in early stage breast, prostate and skin cancers, however, please feel free to use the contact form to receive further information if your condition is outside of these current protocols. Your type of cancer, your current physical health, your emotional, mental and spiritual health, all play a role in determining the treatment plan that’s right for you. We understand you are unique and every patient presents with a unique set of circumstances. We therefore encourage you and/or your family to take a central position in your treatment at ICAM.  In this spirit of unity, stability & compassion, you can rest assured you are never alone on this journey toward the best possible outcome for your long-term health & vitality.

At ICAM you can be assured that we do not merely treat a patient chart nor a cancerous growth, but a whole human being, whose current illness may affect their family and/or economic stability.

Our responsibility includes these related matters, and your unique situation is considered by our doctors & personnel at all times. Please feel free to speak openly about any personal matters you may be challenging throughout your treatment, as our staff are trained to support, guide and/or refer you toward easing your journey with a view to your over-all long term health & well-being.

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